Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Shuttle is “Efficient, Clean, Economic”

A new independent report has confirmed that the Stourbridge Shuttle is “Efficient, Clean, Economic”.

The report – by economist organisation Viaduct – found that PMOL’s Stourbridge Shuttle operation is highly efficient with regards to running costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

When using standard ORR (Office of Rail & Road) benchmarks, the Shuttle costs around £70 per train hour to operate, compared to £433-£736 per train hour on traditional regional railways. The Class 139 Railcars used on the Shuttle operation are also only a third of the weight of a Sprinter unit (previously used on the Stourbridge branch line operation) meaning reduced maintenance costs to the infrastructure.

When it comes to environmental concerns, the Shuttle operation is extremely clean and green. Compared to other modes of transport, emissions are very low, beating small cars and even motorcycles.

Click PMOL Efficient Clean Economic to download the report.