Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Pre Metro at the UK Light Rail Conference

Pre Metro Operations Limited were present at the 11th Annual UK Light Rail Conference, held this year at Aston University on the 27/28th July 2016.

Representatives from the management team and several drivers attended over the two days. In addition, the company had an exhibition space where we showed the new Shuttle film “Any Day Everyday”. Pre Metro Operations Chief Executive Phil Evans made a presentation at the event, highlighting the success of the Stourbridge Shuttle operation, now in it’s 7th year of operation . The aim of the conference was to bring together over 250 decision-makers for two days of open debate covering all aspects of light rail operations and development.

Pre Metro’s presentation highlighted the unique operation of the service using hybrid gas/flywheel railcars, the success of the Sunday-only trial 10 years ago, which also discovered demand for a Sunday service on the line, the continued high-performance level (between 99.5-99.8% since 2011), the continued rise in passenger numbers (up from 471,000 in 2011 to 600,000 this year), the small carbon footprint of the operation – even when providing more journeys when compared to the old “heavy” rail operation – and a total operational cost of 50% of a conventional rail operation.

Company Director Steve Jasper said “it is vitally important that we involve ourselves in major conferences such as this. The objective was to publicise the success of the Stourbridge Operation in terms of reliability, passenger growth and cost savings. Also, to emphasise how the business model can apply to similar rail lines throughout the UK and elsewhere”.