Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Pre Metro and Parry People Movers work together!

Parry People Movers Ltd is now working closely with Pre Metro Operations Ltd to progress mutually beneficial light rail opportunities.  Such opportunities will involve both companies in seeking to influence the direction and success of the Dudley Light Rail Innovation Centre proposal whilst building upon the operational successes achieved at Stourbridge.

In order for the two separate companies to expand their sphere of operation they will be mutually looking to develop larger and more efficient Railcars and will, in particular, be attempting to ensure that the bidders for future rounds of franchised rail operations are well aware of the excellent performance achieved by the Class 139 Railcars at Stourbridge and the on-site operational and maintenance experiences so gained.  The two companies will also be exploring the opportunities to introduce the Stourbridge experience to other areas where the need for a rail based transport solution has been identified.


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