Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Ultra Light Rail Partners Launched

A new partnership involving leading players in the ultra light rail industry has been launched, with a new website now online.

Ultra Light Rail Partners (ULRP) includes Pre Metro Operations Ltd, which operates the successful Stourbridge Shuttle in partnership with West Midlands Trains. Other initial partners include Parry People Movers, Glendenning Plastics, Clayton Equipment, Trailways of Bloxwich, University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University’s Institute for Design and Economic Acceleration.

ULRP is Chaired by Beverley Nielsen, who is Associate Professor and Director of IDEA, the Institute for Design and Economic Acceleration at Birmingham City University, and was a candidate in the 2017 West Midlands Metro Mayoral elections.

Commenting on the launch of Ultra Light Rail Partners, Beverely Nielsen said;

It’s a very challenging time for commuters everywhere.
Congestion disrupts our plans and costs our economy a lot of money every year.
It’s very upsetting to hear about premature deaths resulting from NOx pollution and Particulate Matter emissions.
Our team have been developing and delivering low carbon, safe to use, easy to install light rail solutions for the past decade and more.
These are much less expensive than heavy rail, metro technologies and can integrate with mainline systems. They are quick and flexible to install, assisting planning and construction phases.
Our focus as a consultancy business in light rail is to draw on the skills, abilities and assets based in Black Country firms and the expertise of people across the West Midlands region.

For more information on Ultra Light Rail Partners, visit