Shuttle Passenger Information

Stourbridge Railcar at the Junction

We link Stourbridge Junction with Stourbridge Town mainly every 10 minutes, with direct links to Snow Hill line trains at the Junction and local bus services at Stourbridge Interchange at the Town. For timetable information, see our “Timetable” section.

Journey time is around 3 minutes between the 2 stations.

Ticketing & Passes Information

Tickets & Passes VALID for travel on The Shuttle:

  • Any National Rail ticket valid for the journey to/from Stourbridge Town.
  • Transport for West Midlands/WMCA (West Midlands Combined Authority)-issued Concessionary Passes where valid (Monday-Friday – after 0930, Saturday & Sunday – any time).
  • West Midlands Railway & Network West Midlands Season Tickets, where valid.
  • Network West Midlands “n-network” Day Tickets.
  • Network West Midlands “Daytripper” Tickets where valid (Monday-Friday after 0930, Saturday & Sunday – any time).
  • Swift Smartcards displaying a photograph of the holder (containing n-network season tickets) (See “Swift Smartcard Acceptance” below)

Tickets & Passes NOT VALID for travel on The Shuttle:

  • National Express West Midlands-issued “DaySAVERS” (valid on National Express West Midlands buses only).
  • National Express West Midlands or Network West Midlands “Metro/Bus” tickets (valid on buses and Midland Metro Trams only).
  • Any other bus operator-specific ticket / pass, which is valid on bus only.
  • Network West Midlands “n-Bus” (valid on bus only).
  • Concessionary passes issued by any Authority other than WMCA.
  • Swift “Pay As You Go” (with no photograph of the holder) (See “Swift Smartcard  Acceptance” below)
  • Swift “E-Daysaver” (National Express West Midlands bus services only) (See “Swift Smartcard Acceptance” below)

Swift Smartcard Acceptance

There are various types of Swift Smartcard available for travel within the Centro area. Currently, the ONLY Swift Smartcard valid on The Shuttle and West Midlands Railway rail services are ones containing a multi-modal season ticket, with a picture of the pass holder.

Other types of Swift, including “Pay As You Go” (without a picture of the pass holder) and “E-Daysaver” are NOT valid on rail services currently.

For further information on Swift, please visit the myswiftcard website or email or call 0345 075 6006.

If in doubt, please ask at the ticket office, or ask our on board staff prior to boarding.

  • We don’t sell tickets on board, so please purchase them from the ticket offices at Stourbridge Junction or Town stations or from ticket machines prior to boarding.
  • If the ticket office is closed at Stourbridge Town, please obtain a “Permit to Travel” from the machine to the right of the ticket office window, paying as much as you can towards your fare. You can exchange this for a ticket at Stourbridge Junction ticket office or on board Snow Hill line services if this office is closed. Please be aware that Revenue Inspectors regularly travel on our line and may issue a penalty fare for ticketless or invalid ticket travel.
  • The Stourbridge Shuttle operates within the West Midlands “Penalty Fares” area, so please make sure you have a valid ticket to travel at all times. Full details of the “Penalty Fares” scheme are here:
  • Fares for travel between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town only are: £1.00-single journey, £1.20-off-peak return (after 0930 Monday to Friday and all day at weekends), £1.80-peak-time return (before 0930 Monday to Friday).

Wheelchair Users, Buggy Users & Cyclists

Where possible, please park cycles, wheelchairs and buggies in the zone with the fold-down seats. Our staff are happy to help, but at busy times may not allow you to travel with cycles. If you require further assistance with ongoing rail travel with your wheelchair, our staff can arrange assistance at Stourbridge Junction.

Departure Times

We operate a punctual, reliable, safe service. Our staff may close doors ready for departure up to 30 seconds before we leave, in common with other train operators. For safety reasons we can’t open doors once they are closed.

Our services run mainly every 10 minutes from Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town. Trains from Stourbridge Junction towards Birmingham are also mainly every 10 minutes during the day. Please note that not all arrivals and departures between The Shuttle and Snow Hill line services are designed to connect. We know it’s frustrating if you just miss a train, so we advise that if you require a specifically-timed train, you allow plenty of interchange time, especially if your service departs from platform 3 at Stourbridge Junction.

Our operation is digitally recorded and staff are not able to “hold” any departures as a result of late-running services on Snow Hill lines. We are also aware of our passengers making connections with local bus services at Stourbridge Town Interchange, and with Snow Hill line services at Stourbridge Junction, so it’s important that our service is punctual and reliable.

Smoking & e-cigarettes

No smoking please! This includes e-cigarettes / “vapes”. “No Smoking” areas include all station / platform areas and on board all West Midlands Railway trains.