Shuttle Enthusiasts

5000000 Pasanger
5 Millionth Passenger

The Stourbridge Shuttle operates the only 2 operational Class 139 Railcars in the UK. We welcome rail enthusiasts on board! Please feel free to ask our staff about operation of the service. Photography is welcome, but remember not to enter areas restricted to the general public. Also please don’t use flashes which may distract our drivers.

We’d love to see your photographs! Soon, you’ll be able to send us some and we may use them on our website or our social media pages.

If you’re coming to photograph one of our railcars specifically, email us or tweet us and we can tell you which railcar is in service (Our new email address will be coming soon). Don’t forget that we sometimes we have to swap them over at short notice if we have an issue.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to download our factsheet here for more information on our operation.

In the meantime, you can read about a typical driver’s day on the Shuttle here!