Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Shuttle Operator Wins New Award

The rail operator behind the Stourbridge Shuttle has been awarded an accolade in recognition of their work.

Pre Metro Operations – which operates the Stourbridge branch line service between Town & Junction in partnership with London Midland – has won the “Most Innovative Light Rail Service 2017 – West Midlands” award by Transport News INTL.

The award is in recognition of the continuing high level of service and performance being achieved on the Stourbridge Branch line.

Pre Metro Operations Director Steve Jasper commented that the award was a true recognition of the dedication to the service of the Drivers, Customer Service Officers and Engineers who operate the ‘Shuttle’.

“Customer-friendly service is an integral part of what we do with our eco-friendly operation in Stourbridge. Our Stourbridge Shuttle team work around the clock to provide our high-frequency service, and we’re proud to have received this recognition of our work”.

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