Pre Metro Operations Ltd

Pre Metro Welcomes Project Support from UoB

Pre Metro Operations has welcomed support from UoB (University of Birmingham) as part of the development of low-carbon propulsion systems.

Several industry stakeholders, including Parry People Movers and Pre Metro Operations Ltd are collaborating with UoB on a report that looks at future developments such as CNG and H2 Fuel Cell technologies. The stakeholders are also investigating the future of light rail infrastructure such as simple rail & sleeper designs to the latest modular slab concept.

Pre Metro Operations Chief Executive Phil Evans said;

“We are pleased to be working with our partners in the development of light rail systems. Our Stourbridge Shuttle operation has been running since 2009 and we have amassed a huge amount of experience in operating our intensive service using innovative technology”.

The Stourbridge Shuttle operation is provided by 2 innovative Parry People Mover light railcars. Details of their environmental benefits can be foundĀ here