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All The Stations! Including Stourbridge Town!

Geoff and Vicki

Meet Geoff and Vicki.

He: A freelance video producer, London Tour Guide and twice World record holder for travelling around all of the London Underground stations in the fastest time possible.

She: A museum education professional, artist and a fascination with railways.

Together, they are “All The Stations” – a project to visit all 2,563 railway stations in Britain, and create an online documentary along the way!

Naturally, Stourbridge Town is on the list, and they came to see and chat with us about our little corner of the UK rail network! Our unique environmentally-friendly operation certainly seemed to interest them, and they recorded a brief chat with our driver Phil and filmed the 3-minute journey from Town to Junction.

We’d have loved to chat some more, but trains with timetables wait for no man (or woman!), so Vicki and Geoff were soon on their way to their next port of call. And with 214 journeys every weekday on The Shuttle, we had to “make tracks” too!

You can follow Geoff and Vicki’s incredible journey around Britain’s railway stations on their website: AllTheStations, which includes the regularly-updated YouTube episodes. They’re also on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here. If you want to catch up with the story so far on YouTube, here’s the link: All The Stations YouTube

Good luck Geoff and Vicki! Hope you’ll be back to see us one day!