Pre Metro Operations Ltd

All Change….But Still The Same! (For Now….)

You may be aware that a new operator will be running trains in the West Midlands and to Liverpool & London from December 10th 2017.

Services currently operated by London Midland will transfer to West Midlands Railway (for West Midlands local services) and London North Western (for London and Liverpool). This will include Snow Hill lines services. But don’t worry! To start with, it’ll be very much “business as usual”, including The Shuttle. The only thing you’ll notice is the removal of the London Midland name on our railcars and on Snow Hill line trains.

Although The Shuttle is operated by Pre Metro Operations Ltd, we’ve worked in partnership with London Midland since we started operation, in 2009. From December 10th 2017, we’ll continue our award-winning service as normal, in partnership with West Midlands Railway.

Soon, you’ll see a new livery on our services, and there’s plenty more to come in the coming years on The Shuttle and on Snow Hill Lines! To read more about what’s to come, click here.

We’re proud to be a part of the new West Midlands Railway era!