Leading the Field in Light Rail Connectivity

Light rail and tram passenger journeys have shown an impressive growth pattern over the last 10 years and Pre Metro’s successful operation in Stourbridge makes it one of the few companies in the UK who have a proven track record in this specialist and growing field.

Pre Metro Operations Ltd has the knowledge and experience to offer a proven light rail service to other train operators who are seeking solutions to branch line operational problems.

Connectivity is the name of the game! 

At Pre Metro, we believe that rail transport growth will continue in the UK and the connectivity between the rail network and centres of population will become ever-more important. A recent report entitled The UK Rail Market 2015 shows that the trend for rail continues to rise, with the number of passenger journeys in 2013/14 reaching 1.6 billion.

Clean, green, reliable and successful!

Pre Metro offers an innovative and low cost alternative to heavy rail, using clean, green technology and a customer focused operation, which has led to exponential passenger growth on the shortest branch line in the country. The many environmental advantages of light rail makes the environmentally-friendly business model of Pre Metro and its clean, green advantages, an attractive proposition for any future operation.