Disabled Peoples Protection Policy


1.1. Pre Metro Operations Limited is committed to providing an excellent quality of service to all passengers and to be the preferred choice of travel throughout its operational area.  The company’s commitment includes providing easy access and journey comfort for passengers with disabilities.  We recognise the benefits to all passengers, for example passengers with prams/pushchairs, of such improved accessibility and we shall maintain and where possible improve, current standards of accessibility for disabled people.

1.2. Pre Metro Operations Limited initially operates along approximately 1 kilometre of track connecting the stations at Stourbridge Town and Stourbridge Junction.  Details of the facilities at each station are given in Appendix A.

1.3. The services are operated using single unit Class 139 Railcars.  The vehicle has been constructed in such a way that it is fully compliant with the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations arising from the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.  It is fitted with folding doors, which can only be opened or closed by the driver of the vehicle.

1.4. Access to the Railcar by wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs is available at all stations.

1.5. Pre Metro Operations Limited will ensure that in all discussions and planning processes to improve or replace premises or rolling stock the needs of our passengers with disabilities will be taken into consideration.  Consultation as and when necessary will take place with Passenger Focus and Centro, the Passenger Transport Executive for the area and appropriate local organisations.

1.6. Pre Metro Operations Limited subscribes to the national Assisted Passenger Reservation System.  This system enables Pre Metro Operations Limited to provide assistance with travel arrangements within Pre Metro Operations control and across the entire Railway Network to our passengers travelling with other train companies.  We acknowledge the system it supports and we will continue to operate the service to our passengers with disabilities.

1.7. Pre Metro Operations Limited is committed to adopting the services, standards and guidance of the Code of Practice issued by the Department for Transport, entitled “Accessible Train and Station Design for Disabled People: A Code of Practice” published in July 2008.  We will apply to the Department for Transport for dispensation at an early stage in the design process should we not be able to meet the standards in the Code.  We will work closely with our Rail industry colleagues in activities that, whilst outside of our direct control, are supplied to us under contract to ensure compliance.  This policy will be reviewed in the event of update to the Code of Practice made by the Department for Transport.  Should any facilities need to be removed or discontinued, Pre Metro Operations Limited will consult with the Department for Transport, giving at least three months notice of the removal.  Should this be necessary, either permanent or temporary, Pre Metro Operations Limited will endeavour to arrange reasonable alternative facilities.

1.8. Pre Metro Operations Limited will work with station operators to achieve improvements where and when possible to stations to enhance the ease of access and levels of comfort for disabled passengers.  Accessibility improvements will be included for consideration at the planning stage of any project.

1.9.    The Operations Director, Pre Metro Operations Limited is accountable for ensuring that all commitments shown in this policy document are carried out and for ensuring that the interests of passengers with disabilities are represented adequately.  The Business Plan will include and update of the commitments made on the Disabled People’s Protection Policy.



2.1 To enable passengers with disabilities to travel by train with ease and comfort.  Pre Metro Operations Limited offers passengers the opportunity to plan their travel in advance.  This will help us to make any special arrangements necessary for the individual traveller.

2.2 Passengers requiring assistance can make contact in advance.  Ideally, twenty-four hours notice would enable us to ensure that the passenger’s requirements are met, however, we will accept shorter periods of notice in an emergency.  Arrangements can be made by telephone on the London Midland Assisted Helpline 0800 092 4260 from 0900 to 1630 Monday to Friday or on the textphone number 0844 811 0134.  Outside of these hours an answer machine is available.  Any passengers wishing to make their arrangements by post may write to the following address:

Pre Metro Operations Limited

Regent House

56 Hagley Road


West Midlands


The Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that the information is input onto the operational schedules.  He would then produce any Daily Disabled Passenger Travel Reports necessary for implementation by the crew of the Railcar.  A Customer Services Officer (CSO) is present on the Railcar and the latter will have specific responsibilities associated with ensuring that the needs of all passengers are adequately met.

2.3 We strongly recommend that passengers make use of the opportunity to make advance arrangements even though both stations are usually staffed throughout the majority of the operating day.  Where passengers do not choose to make advance arrangements, our staff will try to assist wherever possible.  We recommend that in such cases passengers allow themselves extra time at stations.

2.4 All stations have seating under sheltered canopies or a waiting room with seats.  Timetable posters are available at every station showing the times along the line and the connecting mainline railway services.

2.5 Pre Metro Operations Limited is committed to the provisions of the West Midlands Concessionary travel arrangements for Blind & Disabled Person’s and Senior Citizens to the benefit of all passengers with special needs and the person accompanying them.  The travel scheme provides a range of free and discounted fares and information is available at ticket offices or by post from Centro – The West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive.

2.6 Pre Metro Operations Limited accepts the Disabled Person’s Railcard (DPRC) and application for persons wishing to avail themselves of this product should phone 08456 05 05 25, textphone 0845 01 01 32 or through the website: www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk.



3.1 Pre Metro Operations Limited will continue to identify areas within its operations or at stations requiring improvement. Whilst the existing stations remain the responsibility of the current lease holder, London Midland, we will endeavour to ensure that any plans for improvement will consider the needs of the disabled passengers at the planning stage and these may be included following the analysis of cost/benefit of any additional expenditure.

3.2 We will consult with station operators regarding routes to our trains and to/within station buildings to ensure access dimensions comply with the needs of passengers with disabilities and, where possible, issues of non-compliance will be resolved.  The Directors will carry out on-going surveys every twelve months or when any operational changes or major rebuilding takes place, we will recommend that accessibility features will be built in.  Subject to availability of spaces, we will negotiate with station operators to provide free parking for disabled passengers at the stations we serve.

See Appendix A for number of spaces and location.



4.1 Whilst the existing stations remain the responsibility of the current lease holder, London Midland, our involvement will ensure that stations along the line of route are regularly inspected and examined on a pro-active basis to ensure that reasonable care is taken to keep public areas free from obstructions.  London Midland have a cleaning schedule in place in relation to our areas of responsibility at all stations we serve.

4.2 Where improvement work to ticket offices takes place, we will press the station operator to provide accessible ticket counters and induction loops to assist passengers with hearing impairments.

4.3 Ticket examining within Pre Metro Operations Limited does not involve fixed barriers at station entrances/exits, which may cause perceived restrictions.  All operational staff receive training during their induction period, which enables them to assist with passengers in a pro-active manner.  This includes instruction in the method of assisting blind/partially-sighted people.



5.1 The passenger fleet currently comprises two Class 139 Railcars.  These were specifically built for the Stourbridge branch shuttle service.  Within the vestibule area of the Railcar there is space and easy access to wheelchair and scooter users, prams and pushchairs.  The maximum available space for wheelchairs and scooters is the RVAR measurement of 700 mm x 1200 mm.  During the journey wheelchairs may be placed in a designated position.

5.2 There is little difference in height between the platform edge and the entrance to the train making access to the train relatively easy for wheelchairs users.  The CSOs on board all trains are available to offer assistance to any persons requiring aid when boarding or alighting from a train.



6.1 The Operations Director is accountable for ownership of the Disabled People’s Protection Policy.

6.2 The Operations Director will ensure that there are regular checks on compliance with the policy and guidelines and that improvements being made meet the planned timescales. These responsibilities may be discharged via other appropriate managers and staff within Pre Metro Operations Limited.  The checks will be carried out every twelve months.

6.3 This policy will be available on request to the companies Registered Office address in Section 7.  In order to provide the basic information on how to make arrangements when requiring assistance a leaflet will be available from the company and from the ticket offices at the London Midland managed stations.

6.4 An update will be submitted to the Department for Transport and/or the ORR as required and copied to Passenger Focus for information.   This update will also be included in the Business Plan.  Any material alterations to this policy will be submitted to the Department for Transport and/or the ORR for approval.



7.1 To arrange assistance on and answer queries relating to the Stourbridge Shuttle service please contact the address below or telephone between 0900 – 1700 Monday to Friday:

Pre Metro Operations Limited

Regent House

56 Hagley Road


West Midlands


Telephone/Fax: 01384 396587

Office: 01384 441325

Email: premetro@aol.com

To arrange assistance for journeys using other Train Operating Companies’ services please contact:

Assisted Helpline Number: 0800 092 4260

Textphone: 0844 811 0134

You can also contact National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50 (24 hours).

Textphone: 08456 05 06 00

Website: www.nationalrail.co.uk

7.2   You may also make arrangements by post or write with your comments to the office listed above.



8.1 The Disabled People’s Protection Policy of Pre Metro Operations Limited will be formally reviewed annually by the Board.  The Chairman will nominate the participants where this is appropriate.

8.2 The remit of the review group will include:

8.2.1 A review of progress towards compliance with the Disabled People’s Protection policy and associated plans for action.

8.2.2 Consideration of enhancements to the policy and evaluation of technological opportunities.

8.2.3 Recommendations for changes to the agreed Policy.

8.3 Pre Metro Operations Limited undertakes to consult with Passenger Focus, Centro (the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive) and the Department for Transport and/or the ORR where appropriate, when proposing future material changes to the policy.  No alteration will be made without the agreement of the Department for Transport and/or the ORR.



9.1 Pre Metro Operations Limited welcome comments and suggestions for improvements to the service we provide to our passengers with disabilities and will take these into consideration when reviewing and implementing this policy.

9.2 Correspondence should be addressed to:

Pre Metro Operations Limited

Regent House

56 Hagley Road


West Midlands


Telephone/Fax: 01384 396587

Office: 01384 441325

Email: Premetro@aol.com

Passenger Focus


PO Box 4257


M60 3AR

Telephone: 08453 022 022

Textphone: 08458 501 354

Website: www.passengerfocus.org.uk

Email: info@passengerfocus.org.uk


Stations Listed on Line of Route – Stourbridge Branch Line

Stations are the responsibility of London Midland (London & Birmingham Railway Ltd) who operate the majority of trains from these locations.

StationStaffedWheelchair Access



Separate accessible toiletsDisabled parkingRemarks




0543 to 2354








Centro toilets in the Bus Station

NoneLevel Access between bus station and the railway station.




0545 to 2352


0941 to 2326


YesTaxi rank & Bus stopsYes


Multiple spaces

Station accessible from either side.

A subway and lifts allow movement from platform to platform.