Complaints & Comments Policy

Company Details

A Private Limited Company.  Registration No. 3867712
Incorporated on the 28 October 1999.


Philip R Evans BSc, CPFA, CMILT.
Stephen P Jasper CPFA.
Geoffrey J Lusher FMILT.
Alan K Wenban-Smith BA, MA, MSc, MRTPI.

Company Secretary

Stephen P Jasper CPFA

Registered Office

Regent House
56 Hagley Road
West Midlands

Phone: (++44) 1384 441325
Fax: (++44) 1384 396587


130 New Street
B2 4JU

VAT Registration No. 748 0729 10


The principle activities of the company are the development and provision of public passenger transport operations and related services.  The current development activity relates to the provision of services utilising Parry People Mover Class 139 light railcars.

1.1 Pre Metro Operations Limited is committed to providing an excellent quality of service to all users and to be the preferred choice of travel throughout its operational area. The company’s commitment includes providing easy access and journey comfort for all users including those with any form of mobility impairment. We recognise the benefits to all users – for example those with prams/pushchairs – of such improved accessibility and we shall maintain and where possible improve, current standards of accessibility for all users.

1.2 Pre Metro Operations Limited operates along approximately 1 kilometre of track connecting the railway stations at Stourbridge Town and Stourbridge Junction.  The services are operated using a Parry People Mover Railcar [Class 139]. The service is branded “London Midland Stourbridge Shuttle”, as part of our operating agreement with the franchise holder. The vehicle has been constructed in such a way that it is fully compliant with the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations arising from the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.  An agreement operates with London Midland on matters relating to service performance and timetabling.

1.3 A specific element of the service between Stourbridge Junction and Town stations involves obtaining the views and comments of our users in order that such feedback can be used to improve and develop potential future services in other suitable locations.  Statistical information is recorded on each operational day in order to ascertain the number of passengers carried.  An ongoing public consultation exercise involves facilitating comment and suggestion (whether favourable or not). We encourage this in addition through our social media presence.  The vehicles and stabling facility are available for inspection by professional organisations.

1.4 All operational staff receive training during their induction period, which enables them to assist and interact with users in a pro-active manner. This training includes instruction in the methods of assisting all users and in dealing with any comments, suggestions or complaints that may arise during the course of their duties.

1.5 It is considered that the service is enhanced with a double crew provision.   Safety matters are critical and will be enhanced with such an arrangement. User benefits include security, information provision and revenue protection.

1.6 The Railcar is staffed by two crew members. A ‘Customer Services Officer’ (CSO) is present on all journeys. The double crew policy is designed for the following purposes:

  1. User Safety – The double crew enhance procedures relating to Railcar evacuation, fire and vandalism prevention and communications with Network Rail and London Midland control;
  2. User Information – Advice and information is provided by the crew relating to integrated public transport services and also the technology employed within the vehicle for interested parties;
  • Security – the presence of the CSO increases user perception of the safety and security of the service;
  1. Revenue protection
  2. User Assistance – crews are able to respond to the needs of those users who have some form of disability or mobility issue;
  3. Crew flexibility – Crews are trained equally and rotate driving and CSO duties;
  • Useful Data – the collection of user and vehicle performance data is a feature of the CSO duties allowing planning of further enhancement to the service;

1.7 The Operations Director is accountable for ensuring that all commitments shown in this policy document are carried out and for ensuring that the interests of users are represented adequately.



2.1 To enable users with any form of comment or complaint to register such details, a structured and fully managed process operates;

  1. The initial point of contact will be with the crew on the Railcar. The crew have been trained in order that they have the knowledge and responsibility to deal with the majority of public transport comments and issues. The company customer care requirements are met by ensuring that operational staff will have achieved “NVQ Level 2 in Transporting Passengers by Road”, which is deemed appropriate by the company for the Stourbridge Shuttle operation.  All staff possess a significant level of experience in handling user queries and with ticketing issues.
  1. Users will be given the option of submitting a formal written complaint / comment by obtaining a copy of the necessary complaint / comment form from the Railcar crew. A copy of the complaint / comment form is shown as Annex 1 to this document.  The complainant will be advised to send the form to the Registered Office of the company, subject to (f) below.
  1. The facility will exist for complainants to pass a complaint / comment on the services provided by other organisations where such services are related to or integrated with the services provided with this company. This will particularly apply to infrastructure issues, which are the responsibility of Network Rail and station/booking office issues, which are the responsibility of London Midland.  It will be the responsibility of the Operations Director to relay any such complaints / comments to the appropriate organisation.
  1. Once received by the company, the complaint / comment form will be logged in a specific register. The responsibility for dealing with these issues rests with the company’s Operations Director.  If he/ she is able, he / she will respond to the complaint / comment within 5 working days otherwise he / she will immediately send an acknowledgement to the complainant informing them of the action which will need to be undertaken.
  1. The Operations Director will take the appropriate action to ascertain the facts relating to all complaints and comments and will endeavour to respond to the complainant within 10 working days. A full and fair investigation will be carried out.  The Operations Director will respect any complainant’s desire for confidentiality.
  1. The complainant will be given the option to send their complaint / comment in addition to London Midland. A notice to that effect will be displayed within the Railcar.
  1. A notice will be displayed in the Railcar informing users that they have the right to contact Transport Focus, in the event that they are not satisfied with any response given by the company to a formal complaint or comment.
  1. Users requiring to complain or comment directly to the company can do so. The complaints/comments will be recorded as above and treated in an identical way to those received by post. Telephone communications can be made by calling 01384 441325 from 0900 to 1430 Monday to Friday.   Outside of these hours an answer machine is available. Any passengers wishing to write can do so by post to the following address:

Pre Metro Operations Limited
Regent House
56 Hagley Road

2.2 The Railcar crew are trained to inform users as appropriate on the process to follow if there is a possibility of an insurance claim arising as a result of the activities of the company.  The company has signed up to the industry wide ‘Claims Handling and Allocation Agreement’ and will provide the necessary information and guidance to any user who requires such details.  A notice to this effect will be displayed within the Railcar.

2.3 The Operations Director will report to the Board of the company via a three monthly report detailing and analysing the complaints / comments received by the company and the actions taken thereon.  Such reports will be summarised and relevant information supplied to the appropriate authorities.  An annual review will be undertaken by the Board to establish whether or not any major policy changes are required.


3.1 The Operations Director is accountable for ownership of the Complaints Handling Policy.  He will ensure that there are regular checks on compliance with the policy, procedures and guidelines.  These Responsibilities may be discharged via other appropriate Managers within Pre Metro Operations Limited. The checks will be carried out on a continuous basis.

3.2 The procedures set out in this policy statement will be summarised, as appropriate, in any publicity or promotional literature produced by the company.  Such literature will be available from the Railcar crew and the Registered Office of the company.

3.3 The Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures of Pre Metro Operations Limited will be formally reviewed annually in a forum chaired by the Managing Director. The Managing Director will nominate the participants. The remit of the review group will include:

  • A review of progress towards compliance with complaints handling policy and associated plans for action.
  • Consideration of enhancements to the policy and evaluation of technological opportunities.
  • Recommendations for changes to the agreed Policy.

Pre Metro Operations Limited

Pre Metro Operations Limited
Regent House
56 Hagley Road

Telephone: 01384 441325

London Midland

Customer Relations
London Midland
PO Box 4323
B2 4JB

Telephone: 0344 811 0133 option 5 (or 0121 634 2040 from a mobile)

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