About Pre Metro

Our company provides innovative light-rail services as a low-cost alternative to current heavy rail, or as a solution to reopening parts of currently closed sections of railway. Contact us for a chat about what we can offer.

Currently, we operate the “Stourbridge Shuttle”, a small rail link between Junction and Town stations in Stourbridge, using bespoke vehicles, in partnership with West Midlands Trains. Our people are directly employed by us and have an in-depth knowledge of the service. We’re very much part of the local community!

The Stourbridge Shuttle is operated by Class 139 Railcars, which allow an intensive 10 minute frequency, are very environmentally-friendly and are easily accessible with flat-level entry for wheelchair users and buggys. Reliability is excellent – between 99.7 & 100%!


PMOL was formed in 1999 and in 2005/6 ran experimental Sunday services on the Stourbridge branch line to prove the viability of a low-cost, environmentally-friendly light railcar service on the line. From 2009, we took over 7 day per week service on the line, replacing the existing heavy rail operation, and we have grown patronage, increased frequency, lowered emissions, provided the first Sunday service in many years and lowered the overall cost of operation.