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Storm Doris Drops By!

Like many of our transport-related cousins, we were badly affected when “Storm Doris” swept across the UK on 23 February!

Although there has been ongoing work by Network Rail to trim the foliage on the branch line, there remains a large number of trees in close proximity to our operation, and unfortunately a rather large one came to rest right across the track at around midday. Despite our crew trying to move it, it was far too heavy and thus we returned to Stourbridge Junction.

Unfortunately, there were a large number of similar instances across the area, and we had to await our turn for the specialist team to arrive (in our case, they had to come across from Coventry to remove it). We finally returned to service at 19:45, over 7 hours later.

In the meantime, taxis provided a replacement service, as well as buses on the main line routes to Birmingham and Kidderminster / Worcester, but it was a horrendous day for everyone trying to use the rail network. Don’t forget to claim Delay Repay if you were caught up in the problems. You can find details¬†here

Apart from the “Doris” delays, The Shuttle continues to achieve a very high level of reliability. In the most recent 4-week reporting period, we achieved a service level of 99.67%, and in the year to date, 99.71%. We were¬†scheduled to operate 5424 journeys in the most recent 4-week operating period, and we missed 18 of those, which were down to faults on the vehicles.

In other news, London Midland Revenue Inspectors have been visiting us to check tickets & passes. We’d like to remind our passengers that if using a pass, photo ID must be presented with the pass at all times. We are also working with London Midland & British Transport Police to address ways of improving the passenger experience at busy times when there are a lot of passengers on the platform, particularly at Stourbridge Town.

As ever, we’d love to hear from you! You can send us a message on our Facebook page or Tweet us! Click on the pages at the top right of our website. We also provide real-time updates on how the Shuttle is running, as well as any incidents on Snow Hill line services and local Stourbridge bus services.